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Now you can also pull in recurring money every month from the Wing Girl Secrets Inner Circle Membership Program. We've created an incredible 12-month continuity membership program for guys who want ongoing information on how to succeed with women. Members receive a new batch of content every two weeks, for a 12-month period.

And here's the best part...after extensive testing, we've come up with an offer that is converting like WILD! Here's how it works. We offer our customer the BEST content from our best-selling WIng Girl Secrets Program for only $1. By accepting the offer and paying the $1, they are also opting to join our monthly membership program. The first month is free. After that, they are billed $19.95 monthly (as an affiliate, you receive 50%).

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- The basic program sells for $49.95. The "Upsell" Gold program sells for $79.00. We pay out a 70% commission, which will amount to approximately $34.95 each for (Basic) and $55.30 for the (Upsell) Program.

This is one of the first dating & seduction product that is created for men BY A WOMAN from a solid, well-established world-wide brand name.

Conversions have easily been 2:1 (between the standard & upsell package). This means that the majority of subscribers will be opting for the "upsell" package, which means bigger affiliate payouts for everyone!

On top of that, we also offer each customer a 3-step "upsells" sequence (opportunities to buy additional programs and spend more money). As "elite level" Clickbank vendors, we are able to use Clickbank's highly exclusive One Click Upsell feature. This means that most customers will wind up spending well over $200 by the time they are done with the checkout process -- which means you'll be getting an average of $100 per sale!

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If you're already promoting seduction-related products, you've probably found that it's harder to make consistent sales these days because there are just so many products out there (most of which are simply re-hashing old information)...well, "WG: Secrets Of Seducing Women" targets a specific sub-niche that TONS of guys are hungry to learn about -- Hot girl teaches guys how to get other hot girls! (It's true -- we've done our research!)

Test this one out...and if it doesn't convert better than other products, if it doesn't add fast money to your bottom line, I'd love to hear about it.

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   Marni                               Simon Heong

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